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Patricia is a sought-after speaker at conferences and industry events around the world. The topics she speaks on include leadership, corporate governance, human capital, and diversity & inclusion.

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In the Press (Recent)

The ‘Scarlet T’ May Taint Only the Unluckiest of Trump Officials
Bloomberg/January 2021
While billionaires and Wall Street veterans find work, lower-level staffers face challenges.

5 Workplace Trends to Watch in 2021
Hunt Scanlon Media/February 2021
A new report by Deloitte examines how organizations can leverage the lessons of the pandemic to reimagine work, shifting from a focus on surviving to the pursuit of thriving.

Male-dominated Governance and #MeToo
Ivey Business Journal January/February 2019
According to the Canadian Board Diversity Council, only 22.6 per cent of all FP500 board seats were held by women in 2017.

From Wynn Resorts to Lululemon, 2018 was the year of #MeToo mea culpa
CNBC Markets 3 January 2019
The #MeToo movement that started 2018 forced companies across the U.S. to deal publicly with the historically private issue of sexual harassment.

Intel Has a Shot at Boosting Diversity — in the CEO’s Office
Industry Week 25 July 2018
Three women are in strong contention to replace ousted Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Networking Tips for Those Who Seriously Dislike Networking
The Story Exchange 18 July 2018
How do you network if you’re an introvert, or simply quiet and reserved? Patricia Lenkov of Agility Executive Search has the answer.

Intel’s CEO Krzanich Resigns: A warning for boards
Gartner Talent Daily 22 June 2018
It turns out executives aren’t always forthcoming when it comes to their personal indiscretions.

It’s time for corporate boards to tackle #MeToo
CNN Money 18 June 2018
Even at the very top of American business, people hesitate to openly discuss sexual harassment.

Bringing Lessons From #MeToo to the Boardroom Gender Disparity Still Characterizes Multifamily Leadership
MIT Sloan Management Review 5 June 2018
Boards need to be proactive in shaping a corporate culture that does not tolerate sexual harassment.

Gender Disparity Still Characterizes Multifamily Leadership
MFE 23 May 2018
Diversity initiatives move the needle for women and minorities in the apartment industry’s strategic hierarchy, but most firms have a long way to go.

Unemployment Rate Remains at 18-Year Low
Hunt Scanlon Media 6 April 2018
The unemployment rate remains at a record low, but employers fail to meet expectations for March. Let’s go inside the latest jobs report as leading executive recruiters weigh in.

Activism 2018 — Is Shareholder Engagement Changing?
Forbes 1 February 2018
Board members and executives should make an honest attempt to understand their shareholders’ interests and concerns, and that means communicating with them.

Speaking Engagements (Recent)

2021: Darla Moore School of Business at University of South Carolina: Corporate Governance

2021: Midwest Investors Diversity Initiative: Best Practices of Board Search

2021: Private Directors Association and Financial Executives International: How to Market Yourself for a Board seat

2021: Cornell University – Executive MBA Program: Professional Spotlight: Landing a Board Seat

2020: Women in Technology World Series Online Festival: Why The Boardroom Matters and How to Get There

2020: The Wharton Club of New York: Insights and Inroads to a Successful Board Role

2020: Strafford Webinar: Corporate Governance and Consequences of Bad Behavior: Creating a Culture of Compliance in the #MeToo Era

2020: Strafford Webinar: Creating ESG Criteria – Transparency, Reliance & Due Diligence

2018: OnBoard: Demystifying Shareholder Activism: What Opportunities Come With It? (Atlanta, GA)

2018: Shareholder Activism: Unlocking Shareholder Value Conference

2017: Directors & Boards: The Directors Roundtable: Session Leader: An Activist Shareholder Buys In

2017: Financial Executives International (FEI): How to Market Yourself to Land a Board Seat

2017: 2020 Women on Boards – Connecticut – Keynote – Sacred Heart University (Bridgeport, CT)

2017: Global Shareholder Engagement & Activism Summit (Toronto, ON)

2017: Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD) Strategic Retreat: Panelist

2017: Best Practices: Talent Acquisition Webinar. Madinah Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship (MILE) (Saudi Arabia)

2017: A Woman’s Roadmap to the Boardroom. Women’s Executive Circle and Encore Mark UJA’s Centennial

2016: Gender Equality in the C-Suite & Boardroom 2: The Path to Value Creation (Chicago, IL)

2016: Global Board Leaders Summit, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD): Workshop: Landing Your Next Board Seat (Washington, DC)

2016: Association for Talent Development (ATD): Managing for the Future: Millennials and Beyond (Webinar)

2016: Concordia Alumni, Women & Leadership: Corner Officer Conversation: How to Steer Your Career to Boost Your Prospects for Future Corporate Governance Positions.

2016: Darla Moore School of Business – University of South Carolina: International MBA: Guest Lecturer (Columbia, SC)